The Old Courtyard is a reconstruction museum depicting early kibbutz settlement in Israel. Founded over 20 years ago, it stands upon the original one-acre site where the first pioneers established the kibbutz and features indoor and outdoor exhibits of the early years of kibbutz life, as well as pioneering activities such as bread baking for children and youths. Its other attractions include an operable oil press, the oak train (a reconstruction of the Ottoman Turkish train that ran through the region at the beginning of the last century), an exhibit of tractors and agricultural machinery from the early 20th century and others.

The Ecological Greenhouse is an educational center dealing with ecology and social commitment. Jewish and Arab youths participate in seminars and workshops devoted to peaceful co-existence, ecology, environment and scientific research.

Hofi’s Forge consists of a smithy, an exhibition hall and a school for blacksmiths founded over 20 years ago by Uri Hofi, a world acclaimed blacksmith-artisan.

On the grounds of the kibbutz is a relief sculpture of the renowned sculptor Natan Rappaport (not a kibbutz member), commemorating both the operations that brought so-called “illegal” Jewish immigrants to the Land of Israel and the participation of Ein Shemer members in those operations. Another notable monument is one by sculptor Rudlinger (member of Kibbutz HaZore'a), commemorating two paratroopers, Kibbutz Ein Shemer members, who were killed in the Six-Day War in 1967.